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ZKU JSCO Factory for rubber seals

ZKU JSCo is a factory for rubber seals which was founded in the far 1968 in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria with main activity – production of rubber seals for pneumatic and hydraulic machines. With more than 75 employees today the factory is one of the biggest in the region. High standards, high-quality production and environmentally oriented management for all the processes and equipment are always what drives up the factory through the decades of existence. Naturally, I felt I have to implement these company values into their website design, something like old times meet modern times.


All-on-one-screen Challenge

The client had a concept for the design of his website – everything to be in a full-screen mode with navigation that moves through the sections without visible reload of the screens. So I came up with the idea of ​​”jumping” from section to section navigation, using arrows for going forward or backwards through the website sections. Each section had sub-sections which I made accessible through a menu placed at the bottom of the screen. That made navigation quite challenging but I have to admit it wasn’t very flexible some new sub-category appears in the future. Nevertheless, this was a presentational website and the client considered it acceptable. I chose to create a monochromic design with black and white photos, which gave the website the desired spirit of a factory where old traditions meet the modern ones. 

Black and White? That’s enough

The design of the website turned to be dark but stylish and quickly became a favourite to the client. In my initial design, I had added an accent colour to the monochrome gamut to use for the call-to-action elements or buttons but the client liked so much the monochrome design that asked me to remove that additional colour just to see how it would be without it. I wasn’t surprised when he liked it and decide to left the design with no additional colours. 

One design, many different screens

Same design, but different screens. The challenge which I faced was to re-design again all the elements from the big screen in full-screen mode, to a one that’s narrow and limited by the mobile device. The final result came stylish as on the big screen was. With minor design compromises, we have achieved very good accessibility at any screen resolution, even for the one that’s in your pocket.

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