VALIVAL Digital Agency

Valival Digital Agency

VALIVAL digital agency is a creative team of professionals with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of web design, programming and digital marketing, delivering complex online solutions for various Bulgarian and international clients. The company’s superpower is to create, develop and support quality online products and services, specially customized for each client, no matter how big or small he is. Designing their website and logo meant to challenge me in every design aspect, because all the elements must carry the energy of their exceptional spirit, innovative thinking and the eternal struggle with the new technologies.


The Logotype

It was important to create a clear, legible and somewhat technocratic logo that is both interesting as a graphic sign and to incorporate the concept of innovation in itself.

It’s a pleasure to work with a logo that is created in a manner that gives countless possibilities for convenient use in various advertising materials and objects through original or even avant-garde solutions.

Logo Variations

These variations below illustrate my efforts to deliver a visually clean and easy to use symbol and letter combined in a logo for VALIVAL Digital Agency.

Diving into the full screen

The site was designed as a full-screen experience which was hard to be kept until the end. My goal was to dive the visitor fully into the content and with an intuitive way of navigation to make his experience exciting and memorable while looking at released projects or services, presented attractively and eventually win him as a future client of the agency’s services.


Small screen – diving into effect

Small but as powerful, as on a big-screen experience. Same goal as on the big screen but even more challenging. Most of the elements which lived the advantage of the big screens now supposed to look weird on mobile. But thanks to the power of modern web technologies we made some smart changes and design tricks for mobile devices which opens the opportunity to build a stronger and nicer browsing user experience.


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