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Valival Commerce

Valival Commerce platform is a modern online service for creating online stores with rich functionality combining high-security payments with ease of sales, modern vision with innovative product approach and faster page loading with reliability and convenience of the speed browsing. This promotional website presents the service in a modern and creative way, illustrating the main benefits and general processes in the platform, drawing our attention through strong means of expression such as powerful business illustration and custom UI.


Unconventional approach for advanced online stores

The purpose which the website is created for, respectively its service, is to advertise it by drawing the attention of advanced online retailers to a new generation powerful web tool for both increasing sales by saving precious working time with speed and convenience while managing multiple products and services, and a powerful online marketing tool which aggregates new and returns customers around your products and services. This tool can empower businesses simply by setting up the right configuration of in-tool services for each particular need toward a fast reach of a larger amount of potential customer groups. My efforts were concentrated to achieve all these means through an innovative design approach articulating in it the functionalities of the site.

Powerful illustrations and icons

Creating illustrations for the website purposes was the most interesting, but also the most intense and extensive design process on this website. Based on few free vector resources from the web I succeeded to design completely new unique colourful illustrations, redesigning their compositions, characters and interactions while paying attention to every little detail like hairstyle or gesture of a character, to enforce the message of their headline and text.

Small screen, powerful navigation

Small but as powerful, as on a big screen. A fully loaded and functional mobile version gives you all the functionality and information as of the big screen, convenient in the palm of your hand. The service doesn’t suffer from the space of the big screen, on the contrary, it becomes closer and clearer with all its settings and functionalities while the design and illustrations contribute a lot.

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