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Admin panel Interface

This admin panel was created for the software that works behind Valival Commerce – a platform for building great online stores. The task was to arrange all the components of the interface, to make them visible, understandable, usable and good looking. It was a certain pleasure to reorganize and prioritize most visual elements to achieve a better, intuitive and easy-to-use interface for anyone to work with.

The Challenge

It was a demanding challenge. I had to go deep inside the system and to think very well over each problem that could appear from the user side. I tried to make thing better and easier as prioritize them by importance, allowing faster work with the system and easier execution of the task you have entered for.
All in all, I had to subordinate all the visual elements and to prioritize their job in their natural sequence to help the admin to achieve the wanted result with the system.

Can a good UI make your work better?

One of the most important things for every user interface is to be predictable, to leads you where you want to go or to do. When this is done well, you don’t have to search for help or write long e-mails questioning the support team how this or that works. You have to find what you want to do intuitively and complete the task in a few steps. To make this happen as a UI & UX designer I need to know every little function in the system. In other words, I must get to know every corner of it and put on the light all of its functions that someone might need while managing content. No hard accessible functions. If there is some hard to be found in the interface, your work isn’t finished. Yes, it is a long process of designing, re-designing, observing, testing, getting user feedback, etc. but the final result should be a clear and predictable interface that gives you more time for the important things and helps you do better in your job.

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