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Strandzha Farm

It was a pure pleasure to work on this project. The farm is located on over 10,000 acres of land in the most magical mountain in Bulgaria – Strandzha Mountain. What is most amazing about the farm is the fact that the animals there have the happiest life possible, living free and wild among the lush pastures of the mountain. 
The farm is a high-quality organic food producer and retailer and it is a wonderful calm place for recreation in nature, where you can take a fresh deep breath away from the grey everyday life, surrounded only by the sound of singing birds, timelessly embraced by the boundless tranquillity of Strandzha Mountain.


The Logotype

The client gave me complete creative freedom to design its logo. After he chose a logo from the few different variants which I offered him, he asked me can I add/incorporate somehow, somewhere a horseshoe into the logo sign, explaining it as a symbol of happiness and good luck. At first, I wasn’t happy with his idea but eventually, I ended up with a “not bad new version” of the logo design. I am also happy with most of the unaccepted logo variations presented below, some of which I find much more relevant than the one that the client chose.

The logo creation process

The logo variations below illustrate my visual efforts to design and deliver a perfect combination of symbol and letters, combined in a unique logo for this remote mountain farm where special animal breeds are grown in freedom for their high-quality meat.

The Website challenge

The next challenge was the farm website. The client wanted to have there a rich presentation of Strandzha Mountain’s flora & fauna, and of course detailed info of the facilities in the Farm with all the animal breeds that live there, each of them with wide presentational part and finally, the most important website part – the Farm’s online shop where they going to present and sell their high-quality food products. As they breed animals for meat, the client challenged me to find an interactive way for the presentation of each part of the animal’s body (cows, horses, etc.), educating the customer how is it called and what’s the best way to cook it by giving the option to choose from various suggested recipes and so on, and so on. With two words – a very informative and complex website.

Small screen, but is it small really?

Small screen but powerful and easy to use navigation – that’s the main goal here! And despite the mix between a presentational website and an online store with a large amount of information, users don’t experience hard times while browsing the website with their pocket devices. The richly presented information is still within a single or few touches of your screen and you feel yourself spending more pleasant times on the website… and why not order delicious food. (:

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