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Sendo is a brand for blood pressure monitors of Swiss company UniComs Switzerland established in 1998. These high-end diagnostic devices are showing you in a better way your heart rates and even advises you better for your heart’s health. It’s not just about technological improvements or design – it’s all about care. That’s why they needed also a high-end website that represents fully the advantages of their devices and giving you extra information about your heart rates and health. I found a convenient way to design this website like an online shop without putting an impact on it and yet there is a smart and simple way to choose and buy a type of device that suits you best.


Looks small, feels bigger

One of the client’s main wishes was first to see the design of its new website how will look on mobile devices. This time I had to change my normal design process. I created both versions almost simultaneously by designing the so-called mobile resolution first and then reimagining it for the normal screens while keeping it as stylish as it was for mobile phones or tablets.

…And suddenly every design element starts to breath

Having already the mobile device design approved, the process of reimagining it for big screens was surprisingly pleasant. I was happy to find myself like I can “breath” again. Actually what was happening was that all the design element – images, texts, headers and even buttons now had the chance to feel more spacious sitting back again on the big screen. And here is very important to say that all this wouldn’t happen so smoothly as a design process if there wasn’t Valival Commerce platform which is very flexible and well designed to work just for one purpose – to satisfy his majesty “The Client”.

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