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Plasico IT Superstore is a retail store for laptops, computers, tablets, communication and office equipment and peripherals. The client’s ambitious team challenge me with their high standards and requirements about the UI and UX while designing their online shop, pushing my boundaries far from the conventional way of thinking for an approach to the products. There was one clear goal – the new online shop must highly empower sales.


One of the biggest challenges

Plasico is one of those clients that always look forward to new technologies and possibilities of making things better, faster and convenient. While designing their online shop their team challenged me in a lot of different ways. They wanted an online shop that is well thought out from many different perspectives – from the typography, colours, compositions of the elements, product highlights, banners, icons, labels, advertising positions through different approaches of the products and what else you could think of… All these combinations of elements could be seriously complicated when it comes to various user scenarios that could make suddenly some part of your well-designed page looks irrational or at least not convenient. And all those efforts just for one purpose – to sell more!

On many levels, this project was a milestone for me that opened my eyes and gave me a lot of future perspectives associated with my professional interests in UI and UX. Some of the conclusions which I’ve made through this long process of design, redesign and creation of this website, I later implemented as a good practice (a standard) in my future projects.

Small screen is even more challenging

That particular version for mobile devices was a great battle for me, simply because the website was really complex with many different levels and user scenarios. The client was very clear in its request to demand a perfect mobile experience and I had to deliver it. I have to admit – it wasn’t easy at all to redesign and rethink for mobile devices a website, so complex in many different levels. Its mobile resolutions were parallel universe for me in its complication but it worth every minute I’ve spent thinking and designing its user experience. 

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