VALIVAL Digital Agency is a website for car and motorcycle tires and rims. Nothing extraordinary someone may say. There are plenty of them on the net. That’s why the main question was how to attract potential customers to a website with such commonly sold products online? The answer is – through a good design and well-made service. A difficult but creative task that requires concentration, professional expertise, experience, and accurate analysis of the main design elements. What makes the design good in this project is that simultaneously it drags attention and pleasantly surprise the customer with the easy-to-navigate service of ordering products.


The Logotype

The client approaches us with the desire to create a modern logotype and subsequently a modern website to identify with his business. You can see below the stages and the transformations the logo went through. We left the “final word” to the client, tilting the scales a little in the direction, we believed was right for him 😉

Logo Variations

The projects below illustrate some design stages to deliver the best symbol and letter combination in one, for a company which business is to sell car & moto tyres and rims.

Bigger elements & clean shapes

I wanted to design this website with large and easily recognizable elements. In the main menu, I rely on recognizable objects (tire, rim, etc.) with the help of a clear colour scheme that separates visually and turns them into easily recognizable categories. I decide to enhanced (although to separate) with visually strong photo-accents, the brands presented on the home page. The rest of the design I left to the product itself and it’s design, to be the one that drags the attention of the brand’s fans on the website.

Small screen, powerful navigation

Like on the big screen the mobile version gives you the full potential to work intuitively with the website at the tip of your fingers. Through its large and easy to use touch elements, the result that all traders want so much – to sell well – has been achieved here very well.

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