Dimitar Nikolov
Valival – Digital Agency


Makenzi is a store where you can find everything to build a comfortable bathroom. The company is on the market for over 10 years supplying modern bathroom furniture, sanitary ware, wall tiles and thousands of bathroom accessories. They asked me can I design a new version of their existing website that they weren’t happy with. They requested something modern, flexible and functional that refers to their specific sales model.


Rich online tool for creating your dream bathroom

The website was built on the Valival Commerce platform for online shops which delivers flexible functionalities by choosing what’s most suitable for every specific sales model (respectively business/client). For Makenzi, together with the Valival team, we have developed a custom module on the product page that allows every user to build his own bathroom interior, by guiding him through a few easy-to-follow steps. He can choose from a variety of tiles, friezes and even entire ready-to-use decors as buying each of them in m² or per piece. We’ve managed to develop a very useful online tool that will helps everyone to build their dream bathroom wherever they may are.

Faster, smoother and lighter for mobile devices

It’s always a rewarding effort to see how the small screen from your pocket can offer you the same user experience with all the rich functionalities in a website, doing the same as on the big screen. This time was even challenging because we had to make it run faster, smoother and lighter keeping in mind the hardware limitations of most of the modern mobile devices while having the same design and rich user experience.

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