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Le Caviar

Le Caviar is a company that has focused its efforts on sales and delivery across Europe of perhaps the most luxurious food in the world – sturgeon caviar produced from fishes like Beluga, Osetra, Sevruga and Baeri. Their caviar is an expensive luxury food which price can be afforded by few, let alone to spill a grain from it. The design necessarily and unequivocally had to carry this lux style that requires such expensive and rare food.


The challenge of the luxury

The challenge in this project was somehow weird to me. I had to “put on the shoe”, playing the role of a fine style wealthy person with high standards for his food. This time I had to imagine myself and pretend that I’m someone who I never thought I want to be. I must create something special with this website. It should feel like a diamond necklace that shines in the night on a woman’s chest around the pool of an elite cocktail. 

Exhausting and long but rewarding shots and retouching

Of course, many of the image photos were given to me ready-to-use by the client, but I was the one who made the shots of the product metal boxes. The client somehow relied on me for this important task because it knew I am the only one who keeps in mind the idea of what I want to achieve with those images, how to make it happen and how I going to retouch them afterwards for the best results. So, in the end, they fitted perfectly for the website purposes… and of course for all the advertising materials later.

Luxury in your pocket

I have to admit that the design of this particular website was a challenge for me with all the different screen resolutions I had to check to make sure everything went perfect with the design. Thanks to Valival Commerce platform this all went much more painful and effortless as a process. Great platform with a dedicated team behind it that works hard to deliver an excellent user experience and make the webspace a better place.

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