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iLife robots

LIFE Innovation Co. Ltd is a company with over 10 years of experience, focusing much of its resources on the design and development of intelligent cleaning robots – suction, sweeping and cleaning. All of the robots designed by the company are smart and original. With not a huge portfolio, their big goal is to rely on a smart combination of specific cleaning functions for each of their robots. The buyer can easily choose the most suitable for him by comparing their functions and specifications, using the powerful build-in comparison tool on the website.


So much info? No problem, when it is designed well.

It is a challenge when you have to make an online shop that shouldn’t look like one. Above all, while designing the website my desire was not only to give the user rich information for each cleaning robot supported by examples, schemes, photos and videos but also to convince him that they perfectly do their job by helping a lot in the household, taking very seriously their home cleaning duties. Of course, sometimes such rich information and functionalities can confuse some users and make them feel unconfident about which robot is the right one for them. I didn’t want them to reach that point. That’s why the comparison tool between the different robots models became very important – it quickly shows you functions and price ranges between the compared robots, easing your final choice.

Design gets better with a powerful platform behind

Thanks to the Valival Commerce platform for online shops my vision for this website had a chance to become sharp exactly as it was designed. The platform is universal with a variety of options for every specific industry and what gives it an advantage amongst others is that allows you an easy and powerful implementation of custom made modules build for each customer’s specific business need. This could be proved in the following screens.

Small but as powerful on the big screen

It’s always interesting when you have a small space but you have to show so much interesting information and not make the user feel uncomfortable while browsing it. My sense of design aesthetics and composition have contributed to this version for mobile devices which is full of information and at the same time is not inferior to the big screen.

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