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Exclusive Jeans

For 15 years now Exclusive Jeans have been taking care of the beauty and fashion of Bulgarian women. With its elegant, unique and even extravagant models, the company tries to inspire women to build their own unique style. The client’s vision for the website was the same – it must be with unique and inspiring design, a design that makes you feel wanted when dressed in their exclusive clothes.


An exclusive challenge!

The challenge was obvious. When the client gave me a folder with more than a hundred photos of beautifully dressed models to use in my designs for the website, I found there so much exclusive fashion styles and elegancy that I immediately stopped questioning how I would deliver a unique design for this website – it was already there. I just had to put on accent all this attraction that shines from their images and add some little design and typography magic to help the overall look and feel becoming more homogeneous and complete.

Simple navigation, powerful images

The navigation and submenus must be convenient and easy to navigate although it offers a vast variety of options. Тhis can be achieved only by clear typography and/or spacing between the elements so they could be perceived more easily. None of the navigation elements should confuse – the consumer has to be able to get straight to the point finding within a few clicks the desired products. 



Fashion on the go

The most important for every website accessible for mobile devices is to be well adapted for their specific resolutions, which simply means that all its components – photos, texts, design elements and so, have to be redesigned and adapted specifically for watching on screens, limited by their width.

In this project, thanks to the exclusive web typography, suitably adapted for all mobile devices, together with all these beautiful product images, turned this mobile version into a chic but powerful sales tool. Of course, this was also possible thanks to Valival Commerce online shopping platform, which is probably the most flexible and advanced I have worked with.

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