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Edelweiss Hotel

Hotel Edelweiss is hidden from sight far into the forest, build in a picturesque and remote place in the heart of the Balkan Mountains below Buzludzha peak. It was built during the Socialism era in Bulgaria as a holiday home of the then leader of the Communist Party and the cultural elite of the country close to the communist party. Today the hotel impressed us with its classic furniture and amazing interior design. The hotel’s exquisite winery and the clean nature surrounding make him the most perfect place for holiday relaxation. 


Rich and pleasant user experience

Since the start of the design process, it was clear to me that I must bring the atmosphere of the hotel into the design of their website. Something that would make you feel like you are already a guest of this amazing hotel, diving into his interior and cosy bedrooms. I brought in a luxurious wooden look along with some of his most recognisable interior elements into the interface to make the user experience rich and more pleasant.

Web design as an integral part of the hotel

The wonderful work of the hotel photographer must be highlighted. The use of beautifully taken photos both outside the hotel and in the rooms, combined with some of the amazing wooden elements from the interior, carefully selected font, good typography and colour accents, contributed to the design of the website stylish and complete overlook as if it had always been his integral part.

Relaxation at the tip of your finger

The main goal of the mobile device version along with a rich presentational part was to have a convenient room reservation right on the first screen because many people are hotel’s return guests and they already know well what the service quality they should expect there. That’s why I’ve made it a vital part of the first screen on a mobile device. Then came out that together with the presentation of the suites, the winery must have its own dedicated place at the home screen because of its popularity among the guests for the rare wines there and the excellent atmosphere.

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