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Curtains BG

Curtains Bulgaria was established in 2002 and since then they build a chain of stores specialized for interior textiles – curtains, drapes, blinds, upholstery, cornices and home accessories. There was a client’s natural decision to ask to create a digital home of all these products, a symbol of home’s comfort and cosiness, something which became an exciting challenge for me.


The Challenge

The company has an extensive product catalogue and almost every product has dozens of variations and options. My job was to organise these options in a light interface and to guide the user through an easy-to-order intuitive process. Practically, what I’ve created for them wasn’t just a presentation of products and patterns. Instead, I’ve got a powerful and easy-to-use custom tool for interior design that helps you to find the best solution for and around the windows of your home.

Light and aerial design

My wish was to create a lighter design which to be delicate as a soft drape of a sealing curtain. The main font had to be distinctive and slightly retro. With specific design elements, I wanted to spark a feeling that you are in a sewing atelier. The simple truth is that the website was meant to be exactly this – an online atelier where you can order custom sewed curtains and upholstery and choose the most suitable cornices and accessories for them among many. All you have to do is to go and pick them from the closest store when they are ready.

A sewing atelier in your pocket

Yes, the website version for mobile devices is nothing less than a sewing atelier right in your pocket. It does the same as the big-screen version, just you can order your new beautiful curtains right on the way to work or while you are relaxing on the sofa. Just as easy as that.

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