VALIVAL Digital Agency

Christo Penev – CG Illustrator

Christo Penev is a talented CG illustrator based in Vienna, Austria and is a good friend of mine. He has worked on various projects and ads for companies such as General Electric, Swiss Cable, Mercedes-Benz, Castrol, etc., but these incredible works didn’t have their own special place online. So, when he asked me am I interested in designing a proper home for his works, I was very excited. The only wish he had that time was to have a build-in custom filter for his projects. For the rest he trusted me. And my only goal as a designer of his website was to make my design as much invisible as I can, dragging the whole attention of the viewer to his amazing digital illustrations.


The Challenge

The challenge was to create a website with practically invisible design, dragging the whole attention of the viewer onto the illustrations. That wasn’t an easy task but there was so much more to design and rethink when we start to build up his content management system that manages the content of the website. I was very proud of the final result – easy to navigate website with a powerful and easy to use content managing tool behind the scene. It keeps the shape and condition of the website to look flawlessly simple.

Beyond small screen

Everything said above for this project can be found in his version for mobile devices. The design was easily transformed for mobile devices for an experience beyond your fingertips.

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