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Carnival Kids

Carnival Kids is a brand for children and baby clothing established in Bulgaria more than 20 years ago with physical stores in Sofia, Plovdiv and Varna. The owners wanted a website that would excite both parents and kids with its design and fashion but also it shouldn’t run away from its main purpose – to boosts brand sales.


Usual website with an unusual navigation

We all know that every parent wants the best for his kids. It was clear to me that the design of the website should be charming and a little childish, and of course, it will be browsed mostly by parents whos free time often is limited and precious. Thus means the website have to be very clear and comprehensive with easy browsing among the categories. It is interesting to note that we (all the team behind the project) decided to make the product searching in a slightly unusual way…

User experience dressed in joy

There were four main categories on the website – clothes for a Boy, for a Girl, for a Baby Boy & for a Baby Girl. When you search for a specific product you naturally enter the category for your child. While buying clothes or shoes you are given a choice to select its age(size) and the number of its shoes. The cleverness here is that the website remembers your preferences and when you continue browsing through the different sub-categories it gives you results with the exact kid-size. It is like pre-define your search results. Clever, huh?

Things are getting even better! If you are a registered user and have more than one kid, you can define each one his own gender and size right from your user profile. This saves you time by making your browsing faster and more accurate. But still, it doesn’t matter if you are a registered user or not – within the same session you can change the kid preferences with others through a dedicated button, positioned in a visible place right next to the shopping cart. I find that functionality very useful and practical for parents on this particular website. 

Small but as powerful

When you have a smart client and team of professionals you only can go better. The mobile resolution design of this website, well made for desktop, prove this. Every element was carefully rethought to bring a genuine mobile version with no functional or experience exceptions. Thanks to the Valival Commerce platform for online shops this website version became a brighter example of what I call well-done professional teamwork. 

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