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Caricature 24

Caricature24.com is a project of an international company with innovative ideas and approach to its business. They are a wonderful example of how something fun but offline in its core as a hand-drawn on paper cartoon illustration can be turned with ease into a successful business with the help of smart e-commerce and marketing solutions. Thus they reached more people by making them returning customers of an easy gift solution with its highly customizable caricatures for the various personal occasion.


The Challenge

The client approached VALIVAL Digital Studio with the simple wish to modernize its site for drawing and selling custom made caricatures without giving us any in-depth description of the process they want to happen at the beginning. They had only a few examples from their competitors, some of which were not that suitable for their business. But one thing they had – they had a very clear idea of what they want to be and what is good for their business.
It was a big UI & UX challenge for me how to create a visually clear and logical ordering process of a caricature that eventually to guide the customer through an easy and even entertaining caricature selection, rather than drag him off the ordering process.


Small but as powerful as on the big screen

The small screen is always an additional challenge for any custom made UI. Despite the limitations of the small screen with the team of Valival Digital Studio, we have created a fully functional version of the website for mobile devices, which is as good and functional as the desktop version, and in which every customer can easily order a caricature even from a small screen device without overloading its CPU.

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