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Auto O is a company specialized in the trade of auto parts and car accessories. The company’s extended product range offers a wide variety of original car parts, oils, filters and accessories for almost all popular and many rare car models from Europe, Asia and America.

The Logotype

The company did not have its own identity and logotype at the time. Along with the creation of their website, I was asked to create a distinctive and memorable logo and eye-catching advertising materials which to emphasize their business and make it visible among the competitors.

Logo variation

I took the challenge and for few days I’ve created several different variations, trying to guess what the client most probably will like and at the same time not to miss the main purpose which the logo is going to be used for.
The final decision, of course, was made by the client, but I think he chose the right logo for his business. This time my favourite project and the clients choice coincided. You may enjoy some of the other variations down below as well.

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