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Back in the days in 1993, when few knew what the internet is, the company Animex had been established. Nowadays they are among the leaders on the Bulgarian market for trading with agricultural machines. Through the years I and the team of Valival Digital Studio have built for the company several versions of their corporate website but the last time the client approached us with a slightly different wish – again, to design a new version of their website, but this time with much more style and corporate look as they gave us an example with the website of Mercedes-Benz. They wanted their new website to feature a unique design and stylish appearance which would raise them to a higher level among their competitors. A level where they know they are for their job – offering the highest quality agro machines with the best service.


Where agriculture and style play together

I was challenged to make a stylish design, which is both with a strong corporate vision, but at the same time presents the client’s entire portfolio of agricultural machinery. One may think instantly that this is an incompatible condition – agricultural machinery and style. However, in dialogue about the design with the client, who has developed through the years a very accurate taste of what the quality design is, I made some final touches that eventually meet his high requirements. It turned out to me that it is possible to be created a design that doesn’t lose its agro feel, nor its stylish look, just like the websites of the luxury automotive companies.

Little brother of the big screen, yet powerful and easy accessible

The little brother of the big screen is just as interesting and stylish. Now the agro-business has another available weapon with rich, well structured and arranged information about all agro machinery offered by Animex. The pleasure of looking through a tractor or combine cabin is just some of the extras. And yes, you can browse it in its integrity on your mobile device without sacrifice some user experience.

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