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Angus Cattle Meat Bulgaria

Angus Cattle Meat Bulgaria is a livestock and premium beef meat supplier of an Aberdeen Angus cattle breed. The company starts in early 2015. Their main business goal is to offer high-quality and ecologically clean meat to the market and to contribute to livestock breeding in Bulgaria. To offer the best user experience to the customers, Angus Cattle Meat Bulgaria has trusted me to create a unique online shop together with the team of VALIVAL Digital Agency.


The Challenge

The design of the website had a main focus on the technology for breeding cattle of the Aberdeen Angus breed. A big part of the website had to be an online shop of Aberdeen Angus beef products, famous for their excellent taste qualities and making them available to a wider audience. The design wasn’t a leading element, but at the same time, it has to have a clear and distinctive style, entirely in the service of the extensive presentation of the cattle breed, the farm and their ecological way of breeding up at the hills of the Stara Planina Mountain.


Roam the highlands with the herd

While watching the welcome video from the screen of your mobile phone you could feel like a real herdsman, roaming the hills of Stara Planina Mountain. At the end of your virtual journey in these herd’s highland fields, you will be ready to order a steak from your favourite beef meat and the website will suggest recipes and ideas on how to prepare each part of the meat the best way.

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